About the Department

The Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering established in the year 2021. Our Chairman and CEO ventured into the realm of providing quality technical education and the department has been initiated to fulfil the recent Industrial requirements and developments. The department started with the intake of 60 students in the year 2021.The department has well developed Classrooms and laboratories equipped with latest technologies. Automation is the technology by which a process is performed with minimal human interference through the use of technological or mechanical devices.


  • Opportunities in the fields of Robotics and automation, aerospace, automobiles, Process industries, Bio Medical and Oil exploration among a plethora of others.
  • High demand in Agricultural sector for cultivation with latest sensor, Drone technologies.
  • Implement new ideas for the product design and development.
  • Provide the design and manufacturing solution through the latest CAD/CAM and Mechatronic technologies.
  • Specialized Skill on Control systems, Information Technology, and machinery structures for various applications.